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Cylinder Head Fixture

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BHJ Cylinder Head Fixture CHF-2
BHJ Cylinder Head Fixture CHF-2

Part No: CHF-2

BHJ's Cylinder Head Fixture ensures accurate positioning of any cylinder head from an established reference point, which is necessary to properly perform many cylinder head machining operations.

BHJ Cylinder Head Fixture CHF-2 Mounting Photo
The cylinder head is mounted in the Fixture from the valve cover side for most procedures, which leaves all other surfaces exposed for machining. On most cylinder heads, mounting in this manner leaves the valve guides and spring seats exposed for machining as well. The head can also be mounted from the deck surface, leaving the top surface fully exposed for additional machining operations. When installed as shown above, the mounted surface of head will be approximately 5.75" above table surface.

BHJ Cylinder Head Fixture CHF-2 Set-Up Photo
Precise setup is accomplished by inserting locating dowels into the deck surface, and positioning the head using a pair of supplied adjustable-length Setup Standards (shown above). Once the head has been secured in the Fixture, it can be rolled into position and leveled across its width as well as end-to-end, using the 3/16" height-adjustment feature located on the Protractor end of the Fixture.

Setting-up in this manner ensures that the travel of the cutter head is always parallel to the dowel pin centerline as the head is rolled over in the Fixture. This is critical when correcting the included angle between the deck surface and the intake surface. Use of the large Protractor and adjustable vernier pointer allows this angle to be held within twelve minutes of one degree.

The Fixture utilizes massive Cast Iron End Supports, which are slotted to accommodate the T-slot spacing of all common surfacing and milling machine centers for accurate alignment. The infinite pivot point provides 360-degree rollover capability and accepts 4 cylinder, V-6 and V-8 heads up to 23-1/2" in length. Straight-6, V-10 and V-12 heads can be accommodated with the addition of the "XL" Step-Up Kit. Shorter and custom-length Support Bars are also available on a special-order basis.

Overall dimensions of the BHJ Cylinder Head Fixture in its standard configuration (no cylinder head installed) are 33.5" long, 15" wide, 9.25" high and shipping weight is approx. 85 lbs.

The VT-4 Intake Angle Level is a recommended companion tool for the CHF-2.

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  • Part Number: CHF-2
  • Manufactured by: BHJ Products

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