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BHJ Products manufactures quality, precision tooling and equipment for performance engine builders and machinists.
Our honing plates, engine blueprinting fixtures and other specialty engine builder tooling are found in premier performance engine shops worldwide.
BHJ Lifter Bore Hone Kit BHJ 24 Inch Laser Degree Wheel BHJ O-Ring Groove Cutter System
BHJ Crankshaft Keyway Fixture, Now Including Chrysler 5.7/6.1, GM LS, Ford Triton/Modular BHJ Double-Up Honing Plate Special BHJ Compound Angle Piston Vise

Our ORG-3 O-ring groove cutter system is now available for Caterpillar C15/C18 and Cummins ISX diesel cylinder heads! Ask about the register plates and the ORG-3PLUS cutter. Click here for ORG-3 general info and see it on our Facebook, or Instagram feeds. And as always, the Cummins B, Ford PowerStroke and GM Duramax are very popular pickup diesel applications for this kit.

The ORG-3 O-ring groove cutter system is featured in the comprehensive O-ring, Fire Ring and Hoops tech story by Get Into The Groove — Contain Combustion With O-Rings Or Fire Rings.

See the venerable Blok-Tru square-decking fixture in the Chevy Hardcore Blueprint Series story: Measuring & Setting Deck Height & Finish.

See our Ford Modular/Coyote honing plate in the Hot Rod & Car Craft Magazines story: How To Add Darton Sleeves To Any 2011-and-Later Shelby GT500 Engine Block.

Announcing Our Newest E-Commerce Website,
Available for mobile devices and desktop computers,, currently offers popular R Model, US domestic and import application honing plates. Cylinder Head Model plates are being added over time. Many specialty applications and custom plates are only available by phone order at +1(510)797-6780, or click here for offers convenient 16-packs of .843, .875, .906 and .937 I.D. bushings, with standard O.D. of 1.002" and 1.062" and overall lengths of 1.50", 1.75" and 2.30". Custom-dimension bushings, as well as BHJ's lifter bushing-related tools are also available for online purchase. Please note that some custom-feature bushings are only available by phone order at +1(510)797-6780, or click here for

Keyway Lifter Bushing Installer Now Available for the Lifter-Tru
Installing keyway-style lifter bushings is now possible for Lifter-Tru owners coming into the key-style lifter arena. The installer mounts onto the assembled Lifter-Tru fixture and is available for use on both 1" and 1.062" upper guide plates on all existing Lifter-Tru kits! Contact us for more information, or see it on

Lifter-Tru Kits for Ford FR9/Roush Yates RY45, Chrysler 354 & 392 Gen I Hemi and Dodge Viper SRT V10
The Ford FR9 and Roush Yates RY45 4.5" bore space small block V8s, the Chrysler 354 & 392 early Hemi V8 and the Dodge Viper SRT V10 are the latest applications available for the BHJ Lifter-Tru blueprinting fixture. Standard 1" and 1.062" applications are available and fit all existing Lifter-Tru kits! Contact us for more information.

24-7 Quantity Discounts
Don't forget that Lifter Bushings and Service Parts are available at a discount, when purchased in quantities. Click here to download the flyer.

Equipment Lease-To-Purchase Program is available for all BHJ Products. Click here for lease info.

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