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Line Boring Fixture For Mains And Cams

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BHJ Line Boring Fixture

Part Nos:
LBF-1-CB: For Cam Tunnel boring (block specific)
LBF-1-MB: For Main Bearing boring (universal)
LBF-CTSU: Cam Tunnel Registration Adapters (block Specific)
LBF-SU-CB: Step-Up Kit, Expand existing Mains Kit to Cam setup
LBF-SU-MB: Step-Up Kit, Expand existing Cam Kit to Mains setup

Line boring main bearing or cam bearing bores can be performed with the LBF-1 Line Boring Fixture. Whether roughing-in steel main caps or boring for installation of roller cam bearings, the heavy construction of the LBF-1 will provide the precise, accurate results that are demanded by today's high performance race engine builders.

The Line Boring Fixture can initially be ordered specifically for mains boring only, for cam tunnel boring only, or for both. Step-Up kits may also be added at a later date, to adapt a mains kit for cam tunnel boring and vice versa. (See part numbers listed above.)

When line boring cam tunnels for oversize Babbitt or roller bearings, the LBF-1 is the only line boring system on the market that will correct the cam tunnel location in all three planes making the cam tunnel:

  1. Absolutely parallel to the mains
  2. At the blueprint-specified center-to-center distance to the mains
  3. On the correct front-to-rear plane through the block, in relation to the mains; correcting any skew or twist
The function of machining the cam tunnel parallel to and at the correct center-to-center distance from the mains is built into the fixture, while the ability to index the block into place with the mains being the reference point is left to the discretion of the operator. This method of set-up gives the operator the ability to position the block in the fixture for the best possible clean up based on existing cam tunnel location, thus compensating for core shift and inaccurate factory machining. The amount of material to be removed from the deck surfaces will be minimized when the cam tunnel is located in this manner.

BHJ Line Boring Fixture
The supplied large-diameter boring bar is supported by the fixture, close to the block faces, thus reducing any flex to a minimum. This allows a greater cutting depth and reduces machining time, while increasing accuracy and surface finish quality. The LBF-1 enables the machinist to bore to the finished desired diameter thus eliminating the line honing operation.

Use of the LBF-1 requires the 2" Precision Support Bar (shown installed above) and Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings, sold separately.

Accessories available to compliment the Line Boring Fixture include:
LBF-1-DH-90: 90° Drive Head: For operation on a vertical mill
LBF-DAF-XXX: Distributor-Gear Alignment Fixture: For cam-tunnel boring, per application
LBF-THCS: Extra Long Cam-Boring Tool Holder: For machining large-diameter cam bearing bores
LBF-1-TDS: Tie Bar Spacers: For machining extra-tall deck blocks

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  • Part Number: LBF-1
  • Manufactured by: BHJ Products

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