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BHJ Catalog Page Downloads

Click the links below to view or download PDF files of the BHJ Products 2008 print catalog. This is the latest print catalog produced by BHJ and much of the product information has been updated since then.
NOTE: Please bear in mind that new products and revisions to some products have been added since this print catalog was released. Newer information on is available on the actual web pages for these items.

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the Complete Catalog
(Revised 10/2016, Approx. 3.5 MB) Go

Download Individual Pages:
Page 2: Table of Contents Go
Page 3: Blueprinting Fixtures Introduction Go
Page 4: Line Boring Fixture Go
Page 5: Cam Tunnel Alignment Fixture, 2" Bars, Main Bearing Bore Adapter Rings Go
Page 6: Blok-Tru Introduction & Kits Go
Page 7: Blok-Tru Kits Go
Page 8: Blok-Tru Accessories Go
Page 9: Bor-Tru Go
Page 10: Lifter-Tru Go
Page 11: Lifter Bore Hone, Lifter Bushings, Dowel-Tru Go
Page 12: Cam-Crank Center Distance Gauge, Oil Groove Cutter, Cam Bearing Installer Go
Page 13: Cam Bearing Installer cont., Small Block Chevrolet Fuel Pump Pushrod Fixture, Cummins B Series 14mm Head Bolt Fixture Go
Page 14: O-Ring Groove Cutter, O-Ring Groove Register Plates Go
Page 15: Flycutter Head, Precision Straight Edge, Pressure Test Kits, Cylinder Head Intake Angle Levels Go
Page 16: Honing Plate (Torque Plate) Intro, R-Model Honing Plates Go
Page 17: Cylinder Head Plates, Counterbore Model Honing Plates, Production Model Honing Plates Go
Page 18: Harley Davidson Honing Plates, Small Engine Honing Plates, Heat-Treated Steel Inserts (T-Washers), Head Bolt Washers Go
Page 19: Honing Plate Options, Rocker Stud Extractors, Head Bolt Spotface Cutter Go
Page 20: Cylinder Head Fixture Go
Page 21: Intake Angle Gauges, Angle Milling Set-Up Blocks Go
Page 22: Valve Stem-Height Indicator, Timing Set Length Gauge Go
Page 23: Valve Spring Installed Height Caliper, Valve Angle Comparator, Valve Margin Comparator Go
Page 24: Compound Angle Piston Vise, Connecting Rod Fixture, Connecting Rod Pin-End Boring Head Go
Page 25: Connecting Rod Length Gauge, Piston Ring Gauge Go
Page 26: Crankshaft Stroke Gauge, Piston Measurement Stand, Crankshaft Dual-Key Fixture, Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge, Jesel Drive Seal Alignment Tool Go
Page 27: Crankshaft V-Blocks, Tapered Piston Ring Installers, Harmonic Damper Keyway Fixture, Harmonic Damper Installation Kit Go
Page 28: Differential Narrowing Kit Go
Page 29: Precision Measuring Instruments Go
Page 30: Contact Information & Terms Go
Page 31: Harmonic Dampers Overview Go

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